2nd October 2014 Newsletter


Tuesday October 28th marks the 60th Charter Night Celebration of The Scotia/Glenville Lions Club. We received our initial charter from Lions International in October of 1954. The celebration will be held at the Turf Tavern on Mohawk Ave. in Scotia beginning at 6:30 with a cash bar cocktail hour. KL John Hoey has arranged for three choices for the meal: Chicken Florentine, Roast Top Sirloin of Beef, Baked Scrod and an Ice Cream Parfait for dessert. The meal includes soup, salad and coffee or tea. The cost per person is $27.00. E-mail messages have been sent several times reminding club members to call KL John with your reservations and choice of meals. The deadline for reservation at the restaurant is Saturday October 25th so, if you haven’t already called KL John, call as soon as your receive this newsletter. His number is: 377-2160 and his e-mail address is: jcechoey@nycap.rr.com. We hope for a great turnout to mark this very special occasion. Be sure to wear all your Lions paraphernalia and get ready to ROAR. Our speaker will be from the Capital District Community Gardens.


 Our last business meeting on October 7th, the following Lions were in attendance: KL John, Steve, Irene, Mike, Mary Pat, Jack, AL, Tony, Doug, Bob V. and Eric. Both Lions Irene and Secretary Tony supplied me with the notes necessary for writing this newsletter. The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by KL John. The secretary’s report was read and accepted. We received a check from GE for our participation in their GE Family Carnival. That money was put into our Administrative Account. Lion Mike Tobin gave us a run down on the recent Golf Tournament and reported that we had 66 Sign sponsors at $100 each and 84 golfers. The raffle netted us $1, 175, the Putting contest brought in $150, Mulligans $195 and the Sports Memorabilia silent auction $216. Total revenue was around $17,660 with expenses around $8,000 so, when final figures are in we should have a net profit of slightly more than $9,000. We thank Lion Mike for the hard work he has done over the past 19 years organizing and running the tournament. He announced previously that this would be the last year he will chair this project. He and his committee will meet and discuss what worked well, will make suggestions to improve future tournaments and he and Betsy will make up a list of the items necessary for the tournament to function.


Lion Eric discussed the addition of an Article X (conflict of interest paragraph) copied directly from the IRS document. This is needed to make our Constitution meet the 501C3 status. This begins the 14 day notice to the club and we will discuss this addition to our Constitution and vote on it at our Charter Night meeting. Lion Eric will then send out the entire Constitution to all members in PDF form.


A motion was made by Lion Eric and seconded by Lion Bob VanVorst to donate $1500 to the Saratoga Campabilities Project. The motion passed. A motion was made by Lion Bob VanVorst and seconded by Lion Mary Pat to donate $200 to The Schenectady Foundation’s Weekend Backpack Project. The motion passed. A motion was made by Lion Eric and seconded by Lion Tony to donate $500 to the Scotia Food pantry. The motion passed. The Board meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM.


Our annual wreath project is underway. Lion Steve ordered 300 wreaths from Bob’s Trees in Galway. Lion Al and Peg picked up 8 bushels of pine cones and the wire and ribbon for making the bows. We will be using Lion Rick’s Blue Barn for our work shop meetings. They will be held on all Tuesday evenings in November beginning with Tuesday November 4th when we will begin to tie bows and wire cones in clusters beginning at 7 PM. The Annual “Hanging of the Wreaths” at Shady Lane Apartments, behind Socha Plaza, will be on Saturday November the 22nd, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. More details will be given as we work on the project.


Lion Eric contacted Jamie McFarland and will meet with him and the Town of Glenville Maintenance Crew to discuss what can be done with the Tree Farm we established in Indian Meadows Park. Some of the trees are large enough for transplanting and some need to be replaced. More information to come at future meetings.


We have been discussing the possibility of installing two pre-made bus shelters, one near the Target Store and the other near the Baptist Health Center. Lion Eric estimates that they would cost between 4 and 5 thousand dollars to install. We could use advertising in the shelters to help pay for maintaining the shelters. These are badly needed during inclement weather and especially in Winter.


Lion Eric is planning the Christmas Celebration. He is considering holding the celebration on December 11th or 18th, a Thursday evening instead of Tuesday, and looking into using the Van Dyck Restaurant in Schenectady. There will be more info as plans unfold.


We will clean up our usual section of Sacandaga Road on Saturday October 25th. We’ll meet in the parking lot behind the Beukendaal Firehouse at 9 AM. We’re asked to wear sturdy footwear and hard hats and safety vests will be provided during the orientation session. Contact Lion Steve if you plan to come so that, should it need to be cancelled because of weather, he will call all those who responded and you won’t show up wondering where everyone is.


Oct. 25, – Highway cleanup-Beukendaal Firehouse #1

Oct. 28, – Charter Night Celebration

Nov. 4, – Wreath Workshop in Blue Barn

Nov. 11 – Wreath Workshop in Blue Barn

Nov. 18 – Wreath Workshop if necessary

Nov. 22 – Hanging of The Wreaths at Shady Lane Apts.

Dec.   2 – Business/Board Meeting- Methodist Church

Dec. 11 or 18 –(Thursdays) Tentative date for Christmas Party


November 4th is not only our first wreath workshop but also Election Day. Be sure to get to the polls and exercise your American privilege on the way to Rick’s Blue Barn on Washout Rd. There will be no dinner meetings during the month of November. That saves you money so you see we’re always thinking of your welfare.


The first computer “mouse” was invented and patented in 1970 by Douglas Engelbart. It was called an “X/Y Position Indicator For a Display System.” I like “mouse” better.


 Newsletter Editor: Lion AL with considerable help from Lions Steve, Irene, Eric and KL John

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