Splash Pad Update Dec 12, 2017

Statement from Scotia-Glenville Lions concerning Collins Park Splash Pad:

The Daily Gazette reported on Dec 11, 2017 that the Scotia-Glenville Lions Club has filed a lawsuit against a contractor. We are seeking to recover money from the contractor for a Splash Pad that was not completed to specifications, and as such would not pass inspection and could not be opened.

We apologize for not being able to report on this sooner to our many donors and supporters. On advice from legal counsel, we remained quiet in an effort to resolve this matter without going through the courts. However, we were unable to reach a resolution and were forced to seek an alternative route to recover money via the courts.

First, the Scotia-Glenville Lions Club is 100 percent committed to seeing this project through to completion and are working on securing another contractor to complete the splash pad for an opening in 2018.

Further, we are also committed to ensuring that we recover money from the original contractor and applying it toward the splash pad project. While we seek recover money from the original contractor, the Lions will continue to raise funds to complete the project as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges and your continued support.

We ask that Splash Pad supporters and the public not contact the contractor about this matter.  Please allow it to be rectify properly.  If you have additional questions please reach us at CONTACT US.


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2017 Lions Golf Tournament, Oct 2nd

The 22nd annual Lion’s Falling Leaves Golf Tournament will be held at the Edison Club on Monday October 2, 2017.  All proceeds will go to local community projects including the Lions Splash Pad.

Golf Details and Registration

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Splash Pad Update

We realize everyone has been anxious for an update on the status of the splash pad. Unfortunately we encountered some unexpected construction delays that impacted our targeted opening. Nobody is more disappointed than us that we missed the 2017 season; however, we are committed to completing the project.  We are working through the issues to reach a successful conclusion as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates.

On a positive note, some progress has occurred with the project over the last month. A local artist donated his time to create a colorful mural on the bathroom building which will be a nice backdrop for the Splash Pad.  Phil Shaw is an art teacher, muralist, and comic book artist whose work can be found in large scale murals in downtown Albany (including the Hudson River Gateway underpass and the Albany Public Library), the Albany International Airport, and various bedrooms and nurseries around the Capital Region. He teaches K-4 art at the Henry Johnson Charter School in Albany and has published an online comic since 2000. His comic, “Sacred Pie”, is free to read at www.sacredpie.com and is also available in print on Amazon.

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Splash Pad First Test

After some setbacks, Lions Splash Pad was tested for the first time today (June 26). The photo below has about half the jets on.  There is a button in the concrete that when pressed starts a 4min cycle, causing the water jets to turn on and off in a choreographed pattern.

We still have some work to finish up the project.  The entire area will be backfilled, dressed with topsoil and have sod installed. Additionally we need to finish up the brick walkway with donor bricks. We are still accepting donations; we are currently at $79k of the $80k needed.  Any extra donations will be used to renovate the nearby bathrooms.  The Grand Opening is a few weeks away.

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Splash Pad re-work

If anyone has been by Collins Park in the last week likely noticed some changes with the Splash Pad.  We had an unfortunate setback that required cutting out and removing the small Toddler area of the Splash pad.  As of Saturday June 10, the concrete is removed and we can move forward. We hope to have the area re-poured in the next week or two.  Check back to www.sglions.org for updates and an Opening Date.

On the positive side of things, we have started to install the brick walkway with the donor bricks.  We still have work to do but it’s coming along nicely.  You can still make a donation to get an engraved brick, Buy-a-Brick Campaign.  Any donations we receive over our goal will go towards renovating the nearby bathrooms and installing a new water fountain.  We currently have $78k of the $80k needed.

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