1st October 2014 Newsletter



Our first October meeting will be held on Tuesday evening October 7th at 7 PM. We will meet in our usual meeting room at the First Methodist Church. The meeting will be chaired by King Lion John Hoey. We will hear the treasurer’s report, the secretary’s report and discuss our plans for Charter Night, The Wreath Project, which will include workshops on all Tuesdays in November, wreath hanging at Shady Lane Apartments and our annual Christmas celebration. We have to decide where to hold these special events. There are many other plans to be made so please plan to attend so your voice may be heard.


As you probably saw in a recent e-mail to all members, Lion Eric reported that the General Electric Company gave us a very generous donation of $5,340 for our participation on Saturday, Sept 13th at their Family Day Carnival. There will be some discussion, at this Business Meeting, as to how to use that donation. Suggestions have been made about placing some or all of it in our Administrative Account to help pay for things that the club needs such as postage and printing and other items needed in preparation for our fund raising projects. Let’s hear your thoughts on how to use this money.


At our last meeting our new District Governor, Marianne Lynch, was our guest speaker. She was accompanied by her husband, PDG Steve and Lion Verna Plummer. Our club was well represented by the following Lions: Doug, Pat, Kermit, Eric Heather, KL John, Steve, Irene, Mike, Walt, Rosemary, Al, Jack, Baby Alice and Tony. Lion Kermit provided a very delicious meal of sausage and peppers, a tossed salad and roasted potatoes. KL John provided the  beverages, Entenmann’s finest dessert and a gluten free dessert from Laurie’s Gluten Free Goodness for District Governor Marianne Lynch. As secretary Tony said in his notes, “There were no hungry LIONS on the prowl after such a meal.” Governor Lynch outlined her plans for the 2014/15 year. She congratulated us on our pavilion project and Lion Eric said the only upkeep the pavilion would require would be a yearly re-coating of the wood. The DG’s theme this year is the 3R’s: Recognize needs, Respond to needs, and Revitalize clubs. She said we need to try something new, strengthen pride and especially increase membership. She said a good way to increase membership is to invite someone to join. Her new initiative is “Literacy in Reading.” We can donate books to schools, doctor’s offices, etc. with stickers on the inside cover advertizing our club. She said we must make ourselves visible in our communities by wearing our club hats, shirts and vests. That leaves a “Paw Print” where ever we go. She donated a book to our club called, “We’re Going To The Firehouse” and, since we meet at a firehouse, the title was well chosen. She also announced that the International Convention was being held in Honolulu, Hawaii this year. Now we can all plan ahead.


KL John called our regular meeting to order and Lion Mike reported on the 19th Annual Golf Tournament being held on Monday September 29th at the Edison Club in Rexford. He reported that we have 70 golfers signed up and 28 signs promised at $100 each. Last year we had 72 golfers. Hopefully we’ll have a few more before Monday’s tournament. Lion Mike would like everyone to arrive at the Edison Club by 9 AM to help set up tables for the prizes, sell tickets for the raffle, and generally get organized. The weather is predicted to be just about perfect.

The meeting concluded with a motion to make a $100 donation to the Baptist Health Golf Tournament.


We have had a problem the past several years finding someone to accept our used glasses and DG Lynch said that the Galway Club will be setting up an eyeglass collection box in a shed on their property. The clubs would take the glasses to them and we would help, once a month, to sort the metal from plastic frames and get them ready for shipment to New Jersey for disposal.


Lion Steve has ordered 300 wreaths for this year’s project. Lion Al will get the ribbon, wire and pine cones. All Tuesday nights in November will be used for wreath construction in PDG Rick’s blue barn. Detailed information will be available in the next newsletter.


Oct. 7 – Business/Board Meeting, 7 PM Methodist Church.

Oct. 18 – Highway Cleanup – Beukendaal Firehouse On Sacandaga Road.

Oct. 28 – Charter Night at Turf Tavern

Nov. 4 – 1st Wreath Workshop and Business Meeting – Rick’s blue barn at 7 PM.

 Dream on: The odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one are 33,676-to-1

 Remember: We Serve!!

Editor: Lion Al with many thanks for Lion Irene’s and Lion Tony’s excellent notes

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