Buy-a-Brick Campaign

Update April 2018: The brick walkway is still partially installed at the Splash Pad.  Roughly 75% of donor bricks are installed.  The rest are in storage until the Splash Pad is complete.  Some significant re-work will be required for the walkway; the remaining bricks will be installed then.

Update June 10: We have started to install the engraved bricks at the Splash Pad.  Instead of placing the bricks around the Splash Pad they will be used for a brick walkway.  The pathway will put all donors in the same area (nobody gets placed in the back) and it will act as an ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant access point.  The donor engraved bricks will be randomly scattered throughout the pathway.  Below are pictures from June 10.

Update May 8: The first round of over 100 donor bricks has been sent to the engravers in order to make the Grand Opening.  With $72k of the $80k raised, we are still accepting donation for the Splash Pad.  Future donations will still receive personalized brick; however, we can’t guarantee they will be ready for the Grand Opening.  Once we get the bricks it’s an easy process to pull up a blank brick and install an engraved brick.

Donors will recognized with engraved bricks that will go in a pathway leading to the Splash Pad.  Donation level details here (updated Sept 2016).  You can mail the donor sheet back (PO Box 2001, Scotia, NY) or fill out the form online.  Donations made by April 30, 2017 will be included in the Grand Opening. The Scotia-Glenville Lions are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Bricks will be engraved for each donor.  The personalized bricks will randomly placed throughout the outer ring of bricks.  Different donation levels will receive different sized bricks or brick arrays.  We will try to accommodate requests for brick messages, but below are typical guidelines for the brick wording.  All lettering is black.

  • $150 Donation: 4×8” Brick – 3 lines, 18 characters each, 0.6” characters
  • $500 Donation: 8×8” Brick – 5 lines, 18 characters each, 0.8” characters
  • $1000 Donation: 8×16″ Brick Array – 5 lines, 24 characters each, 1″ character
  • $2500 Donation: 8×24″ Brick Array – 4 lines, 28 characters each, 1.25″ character
  • $5000 Donation: 16×16” Brick – 6 lines, 18 characters each, 1.5” characters
  • Bricks 8×16” and larger can include a simple logo