1st November 2014 Newsletter


Hanging wreaths at Shady Lane apartments

Hanging wreaths at Shady Lane apartments

Our first wreath workshop will be held on Tuesday November 4th. We’ll meet, beginning at 7 pm in Lion Rick’s Beautiful Blue Barn on Washout Rd, Lion Steve has ordered 300 wreaths from Bob’s Trees in Galway. Lion Al has picked up eight bushels of pine cones along with the ribbon and wire needed to make the bows and to wire the pine cones into clusters to attach to the wreaths. The wire will be cut into the proper length and will be ready for the first workshop. Peg Moser has distributed the ribbon among members and friends, to be cut into the proper length. Each roll should have ample ribbon to make 50 wreaths. If you are cutting ribbon, please be sure you bring it to the first workshop. Peg will instruct the making of the bows and Lion Tony, since he has become an expert in the processes over the years, will demonstrate making the pine cone clusters. Lion PDG Rick has graciously provided us with the use of his facility for several years now and has it organized, HEATED, and ready for work when we arrive. Each session lasts about 1-1/2 hours. The more hands available the faster the work. We are planning to use all the Tuesdays in November if that becomes necessary. A brief Business Meeting will be held at some point during the work sessions. And remember, the 4th is also Election Day so exercise your American democratic privilege and vote.


On Tuesday October 28th, at The Turf tavern, our club celebrated its 60th year of existence. We were chartered by Lions International in October of 1954. The charter president was Frederick Lathrop a local business man and owner of Lathrops’ Pharmacy with stores on Mohawk Ave. and on the corner of 5th Street

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