2nd September 2014 Newsletter


The first Dinner Meeting of the 14-15 year will be held on Tuesday September the 16th at 7 pm at The Beukendaal Firehouse # 2 on Rt. 5, headed west out of Scotia and about one mile past the intersection of Vley Rd. and I-890. Our new District Governor, Marianne Lynch, will be paying us a visit and telling us about her plans for our district this year. We will probably hear some exciting stories from the GE Family Day Carnival on September 13th. Lion Kermit will be ordering dinner for us, including two gluten free dinners for DG Lynch and PDG Rick. Our 19th Annual Falling Leaves Golf Tournament will be held on Monday September 29th and chairman Lion Mike will have more details and will be looking for golfers and volunteers to help at the Edison Club on that day. Please make every attempt to get to this first meeting and call Lion secretary Tony if you plan to attend. That way we can plan more efficiently for the number of meals needed. If you don’t call Lion Tony, he will be calling you and you don’t want to evoke the wrath of our beloved secretary, so please call him.


Our first September Business/Board Meeting was a very spirited one with many items discussed as we planned for the 2014-15 year. The following Lions were in attendance: Mary Pat Lemieszek, Doug Salisbury, Jack Harrison, Tony Miller, Rosemary Pryne, Walt Pryne, John Hoey, Bob VanVorst, Steve Trudell, Irene Trudell, AL Moser, Tyler Bass, and Eric Buskirk. The meeting was opened by our new King Lion John Hoey at 7:06pm. Secretary Tony Miller read his report from our last meeting on June 3rd and his report was approved as read. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. The following topics were discussed and, according to Lion Irene’s detailed notes, are in the planning stages:


The Carnival is set for Saturday September 13th at the Main GE Campus in Schenectady. It is expected to draw from 15,000 to 20,000 GE employees and their families. Our club will be helping as a way of thanking GE for the use of the laborers and the generous donation they provided during the building of our Lions Pavilion. Our members and other volunteers will help by directing cars in the parking lot, giving tours of the campus, handing out T-shirts, prizes and generally helping with directions. Lion Eric has contacted the Lions Clubs in our area and hopes to get participants from Ballston Spa, Saratoga, and the newly chartered Schenectady Club which is part of the Albany Zone. Lion Eric has sent e-mail information giving details concerning what jobs are available. He asks us to send him our names and cell phone numbers if we plan to participate. GE security needs this information so we will be allowed access to the campus. Lion Tony will be calling members before the event to get a final list of names and numbers. Watch your e-mail accounts for additional messages from Lion Eric.


Lion Mike Tobin and his committee are hard at work planning the details that will make this our best tournament yet. Lion Mike will send out documents to the committee members this week, letters to the golfers, tournament flyers and letters for sign sponsors. The price will remain the same: $100 per golfer and $100 to sponsor a sign. Committee members are seeking gift certificates and items for the raffle, from local merchants. Raffle tickets will sell for $10 for an arms length and $20 for a wingspan. The list of sign sponsors is due by September 20th. A meeting was held on Tuesday September 9th and merchants are being contacted for items for the raffle and for sign sponsorship. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday September 15th at 6 at Lion Mike’s home.


Our club holds three special celebrations each year: Charter Night, Christmas Dinner and Ladies Night. We have been using The Turf Tavern on Mohawk Ave. for these celebrations. The Turf requires a minimum of 35 guests to use their large banquet hall. We are usually short by five or more and they have been gracious in the past and overlooked the shortage. We cannot continue to take advantage of their good nature and, if we continually run short, may have to find another restaurant for these special events. The Turf is a very convenient location, the food is excellent, the cost is reasonable and the service is excellent so we hope we don’t have to seek another location. Please try to attend these special dinners and be sure to bring your spouse or friend.


We will clean up our usual section of Sacandaga Road on Saturday October 18th. We’ll meet in the parking lot behind the Beukendaal Firehouse at 9am. We’re asked to wear sturdy footwear and hard hats and safety vests will be provided during the orientation session. Lion Steve is in charge and it is held rain or shine so watch the news and dress accordingly.


King Lion John suggested that we should have a list of the items our club owns and the location of these items. Examples are: Official Club Banner, Bell and Gavel, Lions Bank for fines, Parade Banner, Computer and other miscellaneous items of club property. Members are asked to send a list of items in their possession to Lion Irene and she will develop a spread sheet inventory that she will send to members in an e-mail attachment.


Our annual Spaghetti Dinner is scheduled for Saturday March 14th. It was decided to remain with the Scotia Reformed Church’s banquet facility. They have increased the rental charge to $225.00 which is an increase of $60.00 over last year. There was a discussion about using the S/G Senior Center but it was decided that their kitchen facilities lacked many of the conveniences the church offers and the residents are familiar with the location and, as Lion Jack put it, “the hall has a pleasant ambience.”


Lion Bob VanVorst and his wife attended a meeting of a club she belongs to and they used our Lions Pavilion. He said they were pleased with the facility. Lion Bob has a sheet that they were given listing the rules for the use of the pavilion. He said he would make copies for our members to see at the next meeting. Small groups can use the pavilion for free as long as they sign up with the village. A park employee will open the rest rooms when needed. The pavilion has been used several times per week this summer and positive comments have been made. Power has been added so there are lights for use after dark.


The decision was made to remain at the Methodist Church for our first monthly Business/Board meetings. We considered using the Senior Center and they would charge only $30.00 per use but would require us to meet there twice a month. We are paying $50.00 once a month at the church.


Sept. 13, – GE Family Carnival

Sept.16, – Dinner meeting at firehouse

Sept.29, – 19th Golf Tournament-Edison Club

Oct. 7,- Business-Board meeting at church

Oct. 18, – Highway cleanup-Beukendaal Firehouse #1

Oct. 21, – Dinner meeting-Beukendaal Firehouse #2


Newsletter Editor: Lion AL with considerable help from Lions Steve, Irene, Eric and KL John

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