1st September 2014 Newsletter


Our first September meeting of our “New Lions Club Year” was held on Tuesday evening September 2nd at 7 PM at the First Methodist Church. The meeting was chaired by our new King Lion John Hoey. Last year we had a banner year topped off with the planning and construction of the Lions Pavilion. Come and help make the plans to make this another banner year for S/G Lions. Listed below are some of the ideas and some of the problems we face in the “New Year:”



Lion Eric reports that the Lions have been asked to volunteer for the GE Carnival on Saturday, Sept 13 from 1pm to 8pm. An expected 15 to 20,000 employees and family members will attend with carnival rides, food, games, a bounce house, petting zoo and fireworks.  GE has asked the SG lions to work with the Duanesburg Lions to provide up to 100 volunteers.  Due to the need for a lot of volunteers, all clubs in the zone have also been asked to help out.  In addition to GE providing a sizable donation, the carnival is free to volunteers when not working.  More details will come in a separate email and at the Sept 2nd meeting. As you will remember, GE made a sizable donation to our club, both in a monetary donation and labor, so here is our chance to give back.


A couple of years ago we planted a variety of trees and shrubs in an area set aside in Indian Meadows Park off Droms Road in Glenville. We’ve had several work sessions there to clean up the weeds around the young plants and to replace the plants that didn’t survive the first winter. Lions Eric and Heather recently made a trip there and found what he describes as “a mess.” He said there are about 50 trees that are doing well but there are many that need to be replaced. There are issues with mowing around the young plants and the grass and weeds are using up the moisture and nutrients needed for the young plants to grow. Lion Eric has made contact with the park manager to try to find a way in which we can work with them to keep the area clean. Thus far there has been no response from the park official.


Our new President, King Lion John Hoey, has compiled a list of items that he will present for our information. They include some of the items already mentioned along with additional concerns he sees.

  • 1st meeting is on Tues, Sept 2nd.
  • We have to set a date for the highway clean up at first meeting
  • I believe Steve reserved the church for our spaghetti dinner next year, but we do need to discuss price and decide if we will stay there.
  • Membership is a big issue. We need to discuss how to increase our membership
  • We need to discuss our second monthly meetings.  Should we stay at the firehouse. Where will we hold our special dinner meetings.

KL John also reports that our new District Governor is coming to our Sept. 16th meeting. We will need a gluten free meal for her, KL John says, “preferably NOT salad.”
The district governor’s challenge for this year is related to reading. We need to donate 5 books to the community.

Newsletter Editor: Lion AL with help from Lions: Tony, Eric and KL John.

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