1st March Newsletter


Please welcome to our club new Lion Rosemary Pryne who joined us in February. Rosemary immediately contributed by getting a spaghetti dinner placemat ad from the Scotia-Glenville Senior Center. Welcome Rosemary!


Our first March meeting is our monthly Business/Board meeting and will be held on Tuesday evening March 4th at 7 PM. We will meet in our usual meeting room at the First Methodist Church.  There is much to be discussed including: our up-coming Spaghetti Dinner, the Chocolate Bunny and Medallion sale that begins with our Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday March 8th and our high school scholarship award. The Spaghetti Dinner is our second major fundraiser and there is still a lot of preparation to be made and only a week left to make sure everything is in place. So please try to be there to help make these important decisions. Lion Steve will be handing out work assignments, for the dinner, at this meeting. Lion Irene will be bringing the chocolate bunnies and medallions that you ordered, to the meeting. Please call Lion Irene if you will not be able to pick up your chocolate order at this meeting so she can make arrangements to get it to you at another time. She would appreciate a call if you do not plan to be in attendance at the meeting Tuesday evening. Also, Lion Irene reports that the shelves at the Food Pantry were just about bare when she left there the other day.  If you would like to purchase some food items for the Pantry shelves, you can bring the items to the meeting and she will see that they get placed on the shelves. She said that everything is needed so whatever nonperishable food items you can give would be much appreciated by the hungry Scotia families they will feed.


We had a very interesting Dinner meeting on February 18th at our firehouse meeting room. It started off in an unusual manner because someone neglected to notify the fire station that we were scheduled to use the room that evening. We gathered in the parking lot between 6:30 and 7 PM, with several members of the Greenfield Lions Club. When we tried to enter the building we found it dark and locked. Lion Kermit arrived with all the food in the trunk of his car and we joked about having a tailgate party from the trunk of his car. However KL Eric arrived, called Lion Rick Quick about our problem and Lion Rick Quick called a member of the fire department to come and open the building. Within just a few minutes Lion Kermit, with ample help from the hungry club members, had our meal ready to serve. The meal included Sausage and Peppers, Ziti, Roasted potatoes, a tossed salad, a small pizza, bread, beverages and chocolate cake.  The cake was made by Peg Moser who used an old recipe from Lion Jack Harrisons’ mother’s cook book. The speaker was Dr. Robert Fox, an eye specialist from Latham who spoke about children with special vision issues and how these vision problems effect their progress in school. He said it’s best to catch these problems as early as possible, preferably before the 6th grade. The Business meeting followed the meal and was called to order at 8:15 PM.  Lion Spaghetti Dinner Chairman Steve discussed the plans for the dinner on March 8th. The food order has been placed and includes soda from Adirondack Beverages. Almost all placemats ads have been turned in and it will go to Velocity Printing for completion. Lion Kermit will be our maitre d’. (spelled according to Webster’s New World Dictionary) Why don’t we just say, Head Waiter? I know it just sounds so continental. Just after 9 PM we closed our meeting and said farewell to our Greenfield visitors, a visitation they will not soon forget. Finally, we had a visit from Lion Club Alice Buskirk.


Our annual Spaghetti Dinner is scheduled for Saturday March 8th at the First Reformed Church in Scotia on North Ballston Avenue. Chairman Lion Steve gave ten tickets to each member present at the last Business meeting. Please return any unsold tickets at the next business meeting on March 7th along with the count of adults and children for ticktes sold. Tickets are $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children age 12 and under.  Lion John Hoey has posted our website on Facebook to allow us greater exposure for our project.  Please share this with your friends. Ask them to “Like” the webpage and share it with others. Lion Irene is arranging for three raffle baskets this year. One basket will have scratch off tickets, another will have an Italian theme and the third will have a wine and dine theme with gift cards for dinner.


Our club will be hosting the Zone Social this year.  This includes the following clubs: Galway, Ballston Spa, Amsterdam, Saratoga, Greenfield and Scotia/Glenville. The date is Saturday May 31st. The gala affair will be held in our new Lion’s Pavilion in Collins Park. The hours are from 3 to 7 PM.  The food will be catered by the Dairy Circus on Sacandaga Rd. it will be in the form of a BBQ with salads, beverages and desserts.  We will need to bring grills for cooking.  The Ballston Spa club will handle the raffle, the Galway club will bring the necessary equipment for our Bocci tournament and the Greenfield club will handle the publicity and pre-orders.  The Scotia/Glenville club will be responsible for the food. All members, along with their spouses or significant others are invited and a special invitation will be sent to the District Governor.  We expect about 80 to 100 will be in attendance and we’ll try to hold the cost at $15.00 per person.  This will take the place of our annual end of the year picnic.  After the Lions pavilion is formally opened, the mayor is considering charging $150 to rent the pavilion.


Lion Pat DiCesare, in a letter to Lion AL, said that applications are now being received, from S/G students, for our two annual $750.00 college scholarships. Lion AL will present the scholarships at the annual Awards Assembly in June



Because Lion Irene was traveling last week, we had to rely totally on Lion Tony’s notes from the past meeting. Although he takes meticulous notes, the finer details are not as well defined as are those of a retired elementary school teacher like Lion Irene. Welcome back Lion Irene.


Newsletter Editor: Lion AL with Lion Tony’s ample help

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