January Newsletter


Our first dinner meeting of the New Year will be held on Tuesday evening January 21st at 7 PM. We will meet at the Beukendaal Fire Station # 2, located on Rt 5 west, a mile beyond the intersection with Vley Rd. and I-890, on the right side just beyond Cliff’s Body Shop. Lion Kermit will be ordering the food. Our speaker on Tuesday evening will be Mary Davies and she will speak about a new summer camp, called “Camp Abilities”, for blind children. It is sponsored by the Saratoga Lions Club.  This is the first year of operation. We will be discussing various other items of business, especially plans for our annual Spaghetti Dinner scheduled for March 8th. Treasurer Steve has sent out bills to members for dues, meals and wreaths checked out and would like to have the money turned in as soon as possible, hopefully most will come in Tuesday night.



The meeting was chaired by King Lion Eric and the following Lions were present: John Hoey, Mike Tobin, Bob VanVorst, Tony Miller, Al Moser, Jack Harrison, Irene Trudell, Steve Trudell, Doug Salisbury, and KL Eric Buskirk. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

We had a report on our newest Lion Cub, Baby Alice Jane Buskirk. Lion Eric reported that mother and daughter are doing well.  Little Alice has to be fed every four hours at this point which means that many usual family routines are being adjusted. Perhaps we’ll get to meet Baby Alice on Tuesday night, weather permitting of course. Treasurer Lion Steve reported that our current assets total $24,800. We have received a donation of $5,000 from the Scotia Kiwanis Club and $4,000 from the GE Foundation. We have received a total of $22,717 in donations toward the final cost of The Pavilion project; $34,000. Thank you notes will be sent out to all who made donations. Lion Eric also reported that the cost of the concrete slab was less than expected, which was a nice surprise. KL Eric mentioned that we have 5 Uplinger Awards we can give this year and two will expire in March if we don’t use them. The suggestion was made that we give the first two awards to two Village workers who worked above and beyond their expectations on the Pavilion Project. They are: Jim Marx and Jim Archibald. Affirmative motions were made and passed to accept these choices. Lion Irene read a letter from a family whose son we helped with vision therapy. They thanked us very much and wished us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Dr. Fox, a vision therapist, would like to speak to our club in February. KL Eric reported that he had not heard from a family who requested help with hearing aids. He will report when another contact is made. Lion Steve reported that we sold 320 wreaths this year at a profit of approximately $4.00 each with a net profit $1,280. Thirty three wreaths were left unsold and discarded on December 24th.  We will probably order fewer wreaths for next year. Lion Irene reported that she will order our Chocolate Bunnies and Medallions in time for our sale to begin with the Spaghetti  dinner on March 8th. We will once again be dealing with the Uncle Sam’s Candy business on Albany Street in Schenectady. She will be calling club members to sign up for orders so she will know how much to order. Lion Steve discussed SPAGHETTI DINNER plans for March 8th. He wondered if the price of tickets should be increased. His suggestion is $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 5 and under. This will be discussed at the Tuesday evening meeting. Lion Irene would like help with the raffle baskets. We’re planning to raffle off two baskets this year, one will display scratch-off tickets, a successful money maker last year. Any member who is willing to purchase scratch-off tickets for the raffle basket should let Irene know either at the meeting Tuesday evening, by e-mail or by phone. The second basket will contain items from local businesses. Help is needed to visit the following businesses to request gift cards, coffee, wine, etc.: DRAGON GARDEN, DUNKIN’ DONUTS, FLIGHTLINE PUB, GLEN SANDERS, GLENVILLE BEVERAGE, HEWITTS, J.WATTS, PANERAS, SCOTIA CINEMA, SCOTIA DINER, SCOTIA LANES, SCOTIA WINE AND LIQUOR, THE SPECKLED HEN AND THE TURF TAVERN. A letter has been created for requesting donations and Lion Irene will have copies for you at the meeting Tuesday evening. If you have any questions or suggestions please call Lion Irene. (393-7198)


  • Feb. 4, – Business/Board Meeting
  • Feb. 18, – Dinner Meeting
  • March 4, – Business/Board meeting
  • March 8, – Spaghetti Dinner
  • March 18, – Dinner Meeting
  • April 1 & 15, – Club meetings
  • May 20, – Ladies’ Night at Turf Tavern
  • Sept 29, – 19th Annual Golf Tournament

Newsletter Editors: Lions AL and Tony and proof reading by Lion Irene

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