1st October Newletter

The Business / Board meeting will be held on Tuesday October 1st in our meeting room at the Scotia United Methodist Church. King Lion Eric will open the meeting promptly at 7 PM so come a little earlier to socialize with your fellow Lions.  We will hear about the Golf Tournament, the Picnic Pavilion, the financial status of the club regarding the Pavilion, plans for the future and whatever news the various committee members have. Lion Irene has made a request for food for the food pantry. If you would like to make a donation you can bring the items to the meeting on Tuesday. The following items are needed: Soup, cereal, (cold and hot) canned fruit, canned corn, condiments, such as mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressing, pasta, spaghetti sauce, Jello pudding, snack mixes, crackers, bar soap and toothpaste. This is another way Lions can help the less fortunate in our community. Lion Secretary Tony Reported on some of the items discussed at the Business meeting. Our caterer for the meetings at the firehouse, Ernie D’s, is closing his business so we’ll have to look elsewhere for our food for the next meeting there. It will probably be the second Tuesday in January because we have special celebrations at the Turf through December. DG Steve Lynch spoke to us after dinner. His motto this year is, “Friends and Deeds.” He said the big this is communication, strengthening our clubs by bringing in new members. DG Steve is pleased with our club and our accomplishments. He is starting a major project of building a warehouse to house materials to be given to people in the event of a disaster such as last years’ storm Irene. It will be called “Lions Alert Program” and will be built next summer. He asked us to check the web page regularly. It is: www.20y2lions.org and It is constantly updated and contains a year’s worth of back issues. To sign into the  website, there is a place in the lower left corner where you can sign in.
Our Charter Night celebration will be held on Thursday October 17th. Please note that it is Thursday and not Tuesday evening. It will be held at the Turf Tavern in Scotia beginning at 6:30 PM for cocktails and dinner at 7 PM.  More details will become available in the next newsletter. Put that date on your calendar. Thursday October 17th
Our Falling Leaves Golf Tournament will be held on Monday September 30th. Lion Mike reported, at the last business meeting, that we have reached the number of players we needed to meet the Edison Clubs requirement. The committee plans to meet Sunday afternoon at Lion Mike’s home to gather the prizes and other items together. They will be taken to The Edison
Club and set up on tables for viewing on Monday morning prior to the registration.  Help is alwaysneeded early Monday morning to set up the tables and display the prizes so we can sell the tickets during the registration process. if you could be there by 9 AM, your help would be much appreciated. Registration begins at 11 AM with Tee Off at 12:30 and dinner At 6 PM.  Lion Mike will have some preliminary figures from the tournament at our Business Meeting Tuesday night.
In the last newsletter we reported on the progress being made on our Pavilion Project. At the last work session the roofing boards were installed on the second half of the building. The roof has been completed up to the peak and the next step will be the installation of the shingles, pouring of the concrete slab and the purchasing of several picnic tables. We have enough funds for the pavilion expenses to date, the shingle roof and half the slab concrete.  We still need to raise $5-6K to complete the project.  A fund raising campaign was started recently by dropping flyers off door-to-door in Scotia and community donations have started to come in. KL Eric will be telling us about future work sessions and plans for plaques to be displayed on the pavilion posts identifying various donors. Check your e-mail regularly for announcements about scheduled work sessions..
Mon. Sept. 30th – The 18th Annual “Falling Leaves” Golf Tournament. The Edison Club with registration at 11 AM. Need set up help at 9 AM.
Tuesday October 1stBusiness/Board Meeting
United Methodist Church at 7 PM
Thursday October 17th – Charter Night at the Turf beginning at 6:30 PM. Please note THURSDAY not Tuesday.
Saturday October 19thAdopt A Highway – 9 AM
Tues. Dec. 17th – The annual Scotia/Glenville Lions Clubs’ Christmas Party. This will be held at the Turf Tavern on Mohawk Ave. beginning at  6:30 PM
Tuesday May 20thLadies Night at the Turf beginning at 6:30 PM.
Please make every effort to attend this meeting !!!!
Newsletter Editor: Lion AL. Lion Tony is my proof reader and provided the notes from the Business meeting
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