Indian Meadows Tree Farm

On May 5, 2012 the Scotia-Glenville Lions Club created a tree farm at
the Indian Meadows Park in an unused park area. The tree farm will
continuously provide a stock of hardy trees for the Glenville park
system for years to come. The Lions club planted young tree saplings
(~1 foot tall) and will raise them to a more hardy size (6-10 feet
height) in a protected area of the park. After a few years the hardy
trees will be transplanted to their permanent homes in more heavy used
areas of the park. The tree farm should provide the park system a
constant stock of hardy trees without the considerable cost of mature

A total of 220 saplings were planted at the Indian Meadows Tree Farm.
Approximately 85% saplings made it through the first year. Eight
different species of hardwood and softwood trees were planted to
provide the park variety: Red Maple, Red Oak, Red Stem Dogwood,
Toringo Crabapple, Black Walnut, Black Locust, Norway Spruce and
Douglas Fir. In addition to planting 220 trees at the park, the Lions
Club distributed an additional 500 trees to the community the
following day.

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